Growth Hacking Seminar (2019)

As part of the Founder Institute curriculum, I gave a growth hacking seminar to early-stage founders in the program.  This is an introduction to growth hacking. How should startups at different stages develop a growth hacking strategy? As a growth hacker, what are the critical things you have to pay attention to?

What's Growth Hacking?

What are the common misconceptions about growth hacking? Is growth hacking all about new tactics and channels? How is it different than growth marketing?

When To Focus On Growth?

What is the right timing to start working on growth? After raising your seed or Series-A round? Before or after product-market fit?

How Does Growth Hacking Evolve By Size?

As your startup keeps growing and raises the next funding round, the way you handle growth hacking evolves. Who should lead your growth hacking efforts? How many experiments can you run? Etc.

Who Are The Top Influencers In Growth Hacking?

There are so many names out there, but who are the real thought leaders in the growth hacking world? Who should you follow?

How Do You Form Your Growth Team?

Growth Hacking is a cross-functional work. What is the right structure within your startup to build a growth team? Can you outsource growth hacking?

How Do You Find Your Best Growth Hack?

Can you just copy and paste someone else's growth hack? What are the top hacks now? How can you find your best hack?

What Is The Right Process For Growth Hacking?

How do you implement a growth process based on rapid experimentation? What are the different steps of the process?

What Are The Different Sizes Of Growth Experiments?

How long should a growth experiment last? What are small, medium, large experiments? How should you keep a balance between them?

What Are The Most Famous Growth Hacks?

Growth Hacking examples from Dropbox, PayPal, Airbnb Craigslist hack, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Intercom and LinkedIn. You might get inspired by these growth hacks.

Case Study

How To Growth Hack A Very High Churn Rate

Growth hacking case study of a B2B SaaS startup that had a very high churn rate. How to analyze data and reduce churn.