My Story


Rock-Star★ IT Architect

I started my professional career as an IT Architect. For 13 years, always being identified as an IT genius, I've designed and implemented enterprise software architectures, managed $1M+ projects, mostly for IBM.

Awarded Entrepreneur

Pursuing my passion in exploring different cultures, I quit my IT career, and started Tale, a travel startup organizing boutique culture tours based on local experiences. Awarded by JCI as one of the 10 Outstanding Young Persons for our cultural achievement.

Academician & Mentor

About to have my PhD. degree in Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship, I give guest lectures and seminars at several universities and institutions. And as a mentor at startup programs like Founder Institute, help other founders.

Growth Coach

Fast growth is what entrepreneurs crave and investors want. Having realized that it is a matter of life and death for a startup, I decided to put my academic & practical experience to work and help startups achieve authentic & sustainable growth faster, by implementing and executing a data-driven growth process based on rapid experimentation.

Let's Grow Your Startup Faster

For one of my clients, I've helped them reduce their CAC by 65%. For another one, helped them increase their customer lifetime by 20%. We can get similar results with your business too!